Saturday, March 31, 2012

A whole lot of craziness

I know I haven't written in a while. It's been pretty hectic around here that I barely have enough time to sleep. My schedule went on steroids and I can barely keep up at the moment...

First major update: I started taking Korean classes! This is something I had planned since before coming here. I knew I wanted to learn the language and get the most out of it while living here. I enrolled at the local university, POSTECH, and I go twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays from 5:10-6:35. I leave work early so that I can catch the bus because the ride takes 45 mins! 10 min walk to the building.

I have to say though, that even though it's somewhat time consuming, going to class is my favorite part of the week! I had forgotten how much I enjoy learning a foreign language from scratch! ...though I have to say that this time around it is much harder since it is not a Romance language I know how all those other students felt in Italian and French class...clueless and confused!...But I do enjoy it ^^

at Starbucks studying ^^

I also picked up extra hours at a high school, Mondays and Wednesdays 7pm - 9pm....yup, now you get an idea of my crazy schedule. That is why I am seriously considering buying a car because getting to all these places on the bus takes forever. If I had a less busy schedule and weren't too tired to ride the bus, then I wouldn't mind, but it's really time consuming to have to walk to the bus stop, wait, and ride it.

It's an all boys high school. I thought that it was going to be fun to teach older kids, but man, those boys are out to make our lives horrible! ('cause it isn't just me who has been complaining). They have no respect whatsoever for female teachers so it's been a trip trying to teach them. Unfortunately, it doesn't help that these boys HAVE to attend the class, and by 7pm their brain is pretty much fried. I do feel bad for the boys, all high school students actually. They HAVE to stay at school 'til 10pm, and some of them even go to an academy from 10p to 12am. Being a high school student in Korea is definitely a whole different experience.

This week I was sick again -_-...not fun man! I missed work Monday and Tuesday because for the first time, a caught a terrible cold, I could barely get out of bed! Of course I went to see my doctor, a pediatrician by the way hehehe, and got some good cheap korean medicine...thank you very much universal Korean healthcare! ^^

waiting to see my doctor...a pediatrician lol

I think I got sick because of my crazy schedule catching up to me; my body telling me to slow down. The weather has been pretty nice lately so it couldn't have been that....or maybe the change of weather? I don't know...

Pics from when I went hiking two weeks ago...
yes that's me ^^

I joined the Pohang Bucket List group. Two awesome Korean girls organized this hiking trip...they are the cutest, you can see the little flag and the mini megaphone ^^

Bokyoungsa temple

The following pictures are from my trip to Daegu...yes again! I truly look korean

my favorite Korean drink, magkeolli!

cocktail in a bag? heck yeah!

and you get a free sparkler hihihi

St. Paddy's isn't St. Paddy's without green Korean beer!

My my, it's already the end of March! Where does the time go?!?!...oh and on the 21st, I passed the 6 month mark! It doesn't feel like I've been here half a year to be honest....I've been having way too much fun in Korea haha.

I am planning many more things in the coming months. The weather is finally getting warmer so I'll be in the mood to get out more haha.

Well, here's to an eventful next six more months in Korea! Cheers!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Last Saturday I went to my first soccer match in Korea with Ana, Jared, Shay, and Haley (Matt and Ken chickened out because it was raining, boooo!). Anyways, it was waaaaay more than I had expected. I haven't been to many sports events before back in the States, but at least for me, soccer is not just about the match, but about what goes on in the crowd.

I've only been to soccer matches in San Diego; go figure, I've been to matches in the States, now in Korea, but never in Mexico :(. But to those that I have been, they were awesome! The crowd chants, waves flags, yells out curse words, drinks beer, does the "wave", and well, just about any other shenanigans that they can come up with. It's awesome. It's energetic. It's contagious. It's insaaaaaaaane!

So I wasn't sure what to expect. I wanted it to be everything I have just described above, but you never know what to expect in a foreign country.

By the way, Pohang has its very own team sponsored by POSCO, the Steelers! I heard they were league champions a couple years ago. They played against Ulsan.

When we got to the stadium, my eyes were immediately drawn to the merchandise stand hehehe. Guess what I got? Shay and I bought a good ol' vuvuzela, or as Shay calls them zoozoobellas. That's right, I got to annoy the shit out of the people around me.

When we went in, the stadium seemed pretty pumped even though it was raining lightly. Oh and since everybody gets a Steelers flag, they could be seen waving all around the stadium. Those flags are supposed to be returned at the end of the game...we played the foreigner card and kept them lol.

And guess what? They use the same color as Xolos! haha

We sat somewhat close to group of people who had giant flags and a drum. The drum is what got me excited because I knew that could only mean that we were going to hear some chanting! And boy we did! Those guys barely took breaks. They had chants that would go on forever!! The probably lost their voice by the end of the game. And it wasn't just them. Other sections would chant along together, again forever. Even the military section got in the action.

Trash talk towards Ulsan. "Good day to kick a cat!" ha!

Ana told me that one of the chants meant "love Pohang." So yeah, they chanted "love Pohang" over and over and over and over...and over and over. There was a cute chant where the girls would say something, and the boys would respond.

There was also the Steelers' mascot and cheerleaders running around pumping up the crowd. Don't ask me what the mascot it, we could not figure it out. There were actually two, one looked like a cute yellow alien, the other, no clue.

I was very surprised to find out that both teams had foreigners in them. I think they have Brazilian, Colombian, and Japanese because we saw flags for those countries.

During half time, they gave away a car! We had gotten raffle tickets at the entrance and we were feeling lucky...but nope, we didn't win. I wonder what they had done if a foreigner had won it?

All in all, it was a good match...even though we lost 0-1. I definitely look forward to going to more matches hehehehe.

BTW: Pighting is what Koreans yell to cheer their's supposed to be "fighting", but they don't have the /f/ phoneme so all their /f/'s are /p/'s.