Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cat lady ....not Crazy

Maybe to some ....maybe to my mom I might be hahahaha ....she already raised concerned for me having too many cats. I promise people, this little cutie is the last one!

Meet 곰이 (Bear) 

He's originally from Daejeon where he was found on the streets.  I'm thinking he's about 6 weeks now, but for sure he's a September baby, yay!!

Ever since I rescued Hobak, I regretted not rescuing him along with one of his siblings. Though I am home quite a bit, I still thought Hobak needed company when I'm away. He's a very energetic and talkative cat, so I thought him and another kitten would be a great match. Funny how I had said I wanted to rescue a kitten -emphasis on the singular a- and now I have two.

A few weeks ago I pet sat two small kittens, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to see how Hobak would get along with other cats. I was hoping for the best, but actually it went terribly at first. Hobak was not having it. He hissed and growled anytime they were around, so I had to keep them separated. However, by day 4, Hobak was actually being nicer ...ish. Anyways, since I noticed that with time he would be ok with it, I decided right away to rescue Gomi (I had seen his picture before, and instantly fell in love).

It's been almost two weeks now since he came home with me. Hobak has made progress and is even doing some mommy duties (grooming especially since Gomi is still too small). They still have fights which now both start, but Hobak I think doesn't know yet how rough he can be  with Gomi. I hope soon they'll be able to be in the same room without me being around to supervise.

...so now I have two cuddle buddies for winter :D


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